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We are a group of farmers with a desire to change the way things are done. Our social responsibility and respect for nature mean we raise our crops ecologically. We have returned to a traditional way of working, being respectful of the environment and of people. We are what we eat and eating 100% natural products contributes to our physical and emotional well-being.


Where we are

Comarca de la Vera in the north of Extremadura

In the north of the province of Cáceres, we are part of the so-called “empty Spain”. With lowly populated small towns, we have the best teachers in the world: the elderly, who have preserved the old traditions and are handing down all their agro-ecological knowledge.

The region of La Vera is a unique natural enclave, sheltered by its mountains and with an infinity of natural springs that irrigate our crops and are ideal for swimming in its multitude of gorges and rivers after a hard-day’s work.

Make the green world

Almazor Organic Fruit and Vegetables

High mountain

Cherries and “picotas”:

Depending on the variety, they come with and without stems and are ideal to eat at any time of the day. Our farms are at an elevation of over 700 meters high. The bees do their pollination work the cherries are selected from the base of the tree in an artisanal way. The cherry blossom is well known for its beauty, but the fall of the petals is an equally beautiful or even more special season.

Higos secos
Ideal Apetizer

Dried figs

Dried figs are the ideal sweet snack. They can also be used to make delicious desserts, accompany good cheese and as an ingredient in many recipes.
Our fig trees rest under the watchful eye of the Almanzor, the highest peak in the Sierra de Gredos. The figs are left to dry naturally on the tree itself, until just before the fruit falls naturally. At which point we collect them and finish drying them on outdoor drying pallets. Then they go through a heat chamber process for their perfect conservation. We do not use any type of chemical product in this process, nor do we add flour, so that the dried fig is covered by its own delicious natural sugar. Fig trees have their own personality: the green of their leaves and the aroma of figs make strolling among them flood our senses with wonderful sensations.

Traditional method

Seasonal vegetables and greens

These are natural foods of the highest quality, full of flavor and with fantastic nutritional properties. The ecological process, without chemical substances, or genetic modifications, uses less water than conventional ones. The food is more consistent and better satisfies hunger. The impressive Vega of the Tiétar river, with its changes in temperature, hot in summer and cold in winter, although almost always sunny, does not give truce to our busy farmer. His great dedication and hard work allows us to offer a wide range of garden products throughout the year. Tomatoes, leeks, peppers, kale, romanesco broccoli, chives, onions, red cabbage, chard, lettuce, watermelon, chicory, green beans, pumpkins and much more ...

Autumn welcome


To be roasted, natural or as part of a recipe. It is impossible to resist this delight that welcomes autumn. Our immense hundred-year-old indigenous varieties of chestnut trees, which we have managed to conserve with great effort, are our best shelter during the summer to protect ourselves from the sun and high temperatures. When the chestnut harvesting season begins, we collect them daily. One by one, we fill our baskets. It is very pleasing to see the contrast of the bright brown chestnut, surrounded by the ocher colors of the spines that protect them on the green cloak of the grass.

Fruits of the forest

Blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries

These are all fruits of the forest and surrounded by forest is exactly where we grow them. Our bushes are harvested daily, respecting the natural maturation cycles. These small fruits require very delicate handling and are picked one by one. It is undoubtedly a special moment, which can never be rushed, when each small fruit that is collected transforms into a celebration of flavor and color.

Ecologic products

Homemade work

Ecological care of our crops, returning to a traditional way of working, respectful of the environment and people.


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